Monday, November 1, 2010

It's all about doubt! or is it faith?

Faith, by its definition, requires a suspension of the requirement for logic, for a suspension of credibility based on human understanding. Faith demands risk-taking; a willingness to live in that place where there is good reason to doubt.

If a reasonable person does not have some legitimate doubts along the road to faith, one rightly wonders about the depth of his or her faith....

The question of faith is: If sometimes I have genuine doubts about God, do I stop to consider the sea of doubts I would drown in if God weren't in the picture at all. November 1;(The Daily Bible Devotional, F. La Gard Smith, 2008, Harvest House Publishers: Eugene, Oregon.)

I cannot imagine that there is a believer who has not been assailed by doubt of some kind.  It appears to be a significant tool for the evil one -to whisper doubt in our ears - Can it really all be true?  all this Jesus stuff?

I knew I have heard those words whispered in the middle of a trial of some sort...then I think about what faith is and the choices before me.  Either choice requires faith:  God is Who He says He is and will do what He has said He would through His word, or it is all a matter of chance, that creation "happened" and death ends it all.  Which do I believe? 

Yes, I know that there are all kinds of "proofs" for either position - but I also believe an element of faith is required for either position.  After all, the only eye witness we have for any of this is God.
some thoughts.........................